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Executive Director - Vacant
Cafe Manager - Whitney Platt

Whitney Platt is our Cafe Manager. Whitney is originally from Vevay Indiana. She moved to Madison in 2015.  She has been a Team Leader at Goodwill for just over a year and has a total of 10 years experience in management. In her spare time she does advertising and promoting through Google for local businesses here in Madison and other cities. She is a person in recovery with the goal to help others get the support and resources they need for an easier transition into their recovery. She is new to the recovery field but is eager to learn, grow and contribute to the community. She is passionate about helping others and bringing together individuals of all walks of life. She believes that empowerment begins through understanding and support.


In her role as Cafe Manager, Whitney has oversight of meal prep, service and clean-up, provides focused peer support, assists in onboarding new community volunteers and interns on internal Café logistics, provide oversight to volunteers and interns, monitor member and guest behaviors to ensure the Café is creating a safe space for all, and ensures guiding principles are being upheld by all in the Café space. She also assists in coordinating and facilitating daily Café activities.

You can reach Whitney at

Program Coordinator - Vacant

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